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brooklyn theatre club was founded exactly the way you might expect: a group of performing, creative twenty-somethings got drunk and sang through les miserables. and while a three-hour operetta might intimidate some, the somewhat-unconventional but wildly-successful party led to a thought - what if an audience not only came to enjoy the show, but performed as part of the ensemble? 

and just like that, brooklyn theatre club was born.

the premise of the club is simple: the main parts are performed by members of the btc company, while small roles and ensemble singing are cast amongst our attendees (with scripts, musical materials, props and costumes provided, of course). theatre fans can come enjoy the show, the more adventurous get to join along, and everyone involved becomes one hell of a cast party. we have been listed and featured in playbill, bustle, the brooklyn paper, brokelyn, village voice, the skint, broadwayworld and more

we are a developing theatre company based in our favorite of the five boroughs. we were founded here, we produce shows here, and we are proud to call brooklyn our home. our programming combines the shows that make us laugh, the old favorites, some originals, and the ones that will blow audiences away. we can’t wait to share our hard work with you but even more importantly, we can’t wait for you to join us. 

brooklyn theatre club. come sing along.